CAE News for the week of 29 April

On a weekly basis, the CAE compiles news of interest to the organization and its members, and makes it publicly available on our website. The CAE works to highlight emerging issues in which engineering has a role as well as promote recognition of engineering excellence and innovation.

2019 Canadian Materials Science Conference Metal Physics Award

Daolun Chen, FCAE, is the 2019 recipient of the Canadian Materials Science Conference Metal Physics Award. His work in nanocomposites has resulted in a top 1% most highly cited paper in the field worldwide.

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CAE Fellow weighs in on Eastern Canada Floods

Jay Doering, FCAE, describes the flood infrastructure investments in Manitoba following the devastating 1997 Red River flood. Jay was the first member appointed by then Premier Gary Doer to the Technical Advisory Committee of the Manitoba Floodway Expansion Authority (MFEA) as well as the Advisory Board of the MFEA. This article also contains comments from University of Western University Professor Slobodan Simonovic, FCAE, on how similar infrastructure will not work on the Ottawa River.

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PAGSE Bacon and Eggheads Breakfast for Parliamentarians

At the PAGSE Bacon and Eggheads Breakfast for Parliamentarians on 2 May, guests heard great comments  from Allan Miranda of JLABS , Jill Green, FCAE, CEO, Green Imaging Technologies and David Ross, FCAE, CEO of Ross Video about the potential and the challenges of growing private sector R&D in Canada. Thank you to our partner the Public Policy Forum, supporters and speakers.

2019 OPEA Engineering Medal

The 2019 OPEA Engineering Medal – Research and Development is going to Dr. Milica Radisic, FCAE, an international leader in cardiac tissue engineering.

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Professor Jun Yang honoured for Excellence in Research

Kudos to Western University Professor Jun Yang, FCAE, on this latest honour.  He is a world-leading expert in micro/nano-engineering, printed electronics and additive manufacturing, and has a remarkable entrepreneurial track record.

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