Publications of the Academy

2020 (October) CAE Roadmap to Resilient Ultra-Low Energy Built Environment with
Deep Integration of Renewables in 2050 – Conference Materials
2020 (October) CAE – Northern Infrastructure Corridor Symposium
2020 (September) Canada’s Resilient Recovery: A Commentary from the Canadian Academy of Engineering
2020 (May) Canadian Engineering History: A Thumbnail Sketch
2020 (May) CAE Energy Program Introduction
2019 (March) Resilient Infrastructure Project
2019 (March) A History (1987-2018) of the Canadian Academy of Engineering
2016 (April) Engineering in Canada’s Northern Oceans
Research and Strategies for Development
2016 (April) Trottier Energy Futures Project Executive Summary and Project Summary
Trottier Energy Futures Project Final Report
2016 (March) Making Better Use of Science and Technology in Policy-Making
2014 (July) Canada: Becoming a Sustainable Energy Powerhouse
2012 (May) Canada: Winning as a Sustainable Energy Superpower – Volume I
2012 (May) Canada: Winning as a Sustainable Energy Superpower – Volume II
2010 (May) Canada’s Energy System: Progress Toward Goals – Our Report Card
2010 (April) Report of the Canada Power Grid Task Force: Volume I – Findings, Conclusions & Recommendations
2010 (April) Report of the Canada Power Grid Task Force: Volume II – Background and Assessment
2007 (August) Energy Pathways Task Force Phase 1 – Final Report
2006 (May) The Canadian Energy Challenge Workshop: An Engineering Perspective
2005 (December) Major Directions for the Future – Task Force on the Future of Engineering: A Framework for Discussion
2004 (March) The First Fifteen Years – A Brief History (1987-2002) of the Canadian Academy of Engineering
2003 (March) Engineering Issues #10, Energy and Climate Change
2003 (February) Assuring Competence in the Canadian Engineering Profession
2002 (December) Engineering Issues #9, Security and the Engineering Profession in Canada
2002 (March) Energy and Climate Change
2002 (February) Protecting the Public and the Environment
1999 (December) Evolution of Engineering Education in Canada
1999 (December) Engineering Issues #8, Evolution of Education
1999 (October) Public Investments on University Research: Reaping the Benefits
1998 (March) Wealth through Technological Entrepreneurship – Abstract
1998 (March) Engineering Issues #7, Technological Entrepreneurship
1997 (October) Lifelong Learning for Professional Engineers – Abstract
1997 (September) Engineering Issues #6, Lifelong Learning
1997 (September) Technological Entrepreneurship and Engineering in Canada – Abstract
1996 (November) Report on Ontario’s Nuclear Emergency Plan
1995 (August) Engineering Issues #5, Natural Disaster Reduction
1994 (September) The Role of Engineering in Building a National Strategy in Science and Technology in Canada
1993 (November) Engineering Issues #4, The Central Role of Design
1993 (September) Engineering Education in Canadian Universities
1993 (July) Engineering Issues #3, Risk, Safety and Society
1992 (December) Engineering Issues #2, Achieving Competitiveness in Canadian High Technology Industry
1991 (December) Engineering Issues #1, Managing the Environment – The Engineering Challenge
1991 (August) Engineering Research in Canadian Universities