CAE Oceans Engineering Program

Canada is home to the longest coastline in the world, measuring 243,042 km (including the mainland coast and the coasts of offshore islands), which is over four times longer than that of the next leading country. Consideration to this alongside Canada’s freshwater abundancy and immense oceanographic area, the opportunities for technological advancement are multitudinous. The primary objective of this project and the research herein is to analyze Canada’s potential in ocean engineering and develop insights and goals for future initiatives. The objective of this project was developed to identify and demonstrate informative technical solutions regarding issues relating to Canada’s oceans.

Canada’s Northern Oceans

The CAE Task Force on Engineering in Canada’s Northern Oceans issued its final report. The members of the task force are Ian Jordaan, Ken Croasdale, Bob Frederking and Peter Noble.

Final Report

On March 23rd, 2021 a virtual seminar on the topic of Net Zero and Industrial Activity in Canada’s Oceans was hosted by the Canadian Academy of Engineering and National Engineering Month.

The focus of this panel was on industrial activities in Canada’s oceans and opportunities to work toward net-zero carbon emissions. The ocean is experiencing significant impacts as a result of climate change and all sectors of the economy are challenged to achieve net-zero emissions from their operations. This panel will explore ocean industries from the perspective of reducing direct carbon emissions from operations, reductions in supply chain emissions and reductions in energy supply emissions.

View the recording here.


Dr. Susan Molloy, President of Glas Ocean Electric. Presentation here.
Ms. Kendra MacDonald, CEO of the Ocean Supercluster
Dr. Peter Noble, FCAE, Noble Associates Inc. Presentation here.
Dr. Neil Bose, FCAE, Vice-President (Research), Memorial University. Presentation here.


Ms. Jennifer Williams, FCAE, President of Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro

Symposiums feature presentations on Engineering in Canada’s Northern Oceans

During the CAE Annual Meeting in Hamilton, ON on 4 June 2015 during a session on Engineering and Public Policy, Bob Frederking, FCAE and Ken Croasdale, FCAE, presented interim results on the work of the Task Force on Engineering in Canada’s Northern Oceans.

Ken Croasdale  – Northern Oceans Presentation June 04 2015

Ian Jordaan – CAE presentation – 26 June

Bob Frederking – CAE presentation – 26 June

Peter Noble – CAE Presentation – 26 June


Task Force on Engineering in Canada’s Northern Oceans created

At the 9 April 2013 Board meeting, a new Task Force on Engineering in Canada’s Northern Oceans was approved. It will be led by Ian Jordaan, Ken Croasdale, Bob Frederking and Peter Noble. They mean to study the development and transportation of resources, accounting for sovereignty, understanding & protecting the environment, and human safety. The study aims to recognize the potential effects of climate change on developments and engineering design, and identify technology gaps and objectives to address them.