CAE News for the week of 4 March

On a weekly basis, the CAE compiles news of interest to the organization and its members, and makes it publicly available on our website. The CAE works to highlight emerging issues in which engineering has a role as well as promote recognition of engineering excellence and innovation.

Tax Relief Needed for Entrepreneurs to Scale Up, Boost Economy

The competitiveness of Canadian firms is being hampered by tax policies that discriminate against and penalize companies as they seek equity to fuel growth, writes Pierre Lortie, FCAE, in this C.D. Howe report.

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Fearless Girl should provide the spark to inspire more female engineers

Monash University Dean Elizabeth Croft, FCAE, provides insights into achieving gender balance in engineering on International Woman’s Day 2019.

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New Brunswick Women Leading Kickass Startups

Jill Green, FCAE, was featured as one of the corporate leaders.

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